Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Whipping With a Riding Crop

Jane climbed down from the horse, sweaty from an afternoon ride and smiling at the fun. She patted Lucky and went to fill a bucket with something tasty for him. When she got back she fed him and took care of all the little things that make a horse comfortable. She turned around to see her Mother standing there suddenly, which was unexpected.

Jane was only 20, but extremely bright and independent for her age. She had pretty dark brown hair tied back in a ribbon, and beaming blue eyes. She didn't realize that soon her pretty eyes would be welling up with tears, her independence having gotten her in trouble again. Her mother casually tossed her backpack at her feet near the front of the stable area she was coming out of.

Her Mother believed very strongly that underage people shouldn't drink, except perhaps for a special occasion with something light like champagne, and under adult supervision. Jane staunchly held her own opinion about such things, she figured that if she could consider joining the military at her age she should also be able to get a beer if she wanted one and knew how to behave. At college she drank with her friends occasionally and never got in trouble, and was even honest with her Mum about it. The Mother had expressed disapproval but accepted that her daughter was in some ways a grown woman. The comment she had made about it months earlier was that she understood and hoped she'd be careful, but that she better not ever catch her doing that at home before her next birthday.

It was Summer now and Jane was back at the family ranch, and she had forgotten all about that. She was now very used to all her new adult freedoms. When she packed to come home she still had half a bottle of Jack Daniels and some Tequila, and she put the bottles in her bag. She didn't want to waste the expensive liquor.

The bag at her feet made Jane very afraid, particularly when she looked up to see her Mother standing there fuming. She told her daughter firmly that there was to be no underage drinking in her house ever, and that since she was so childishly disrespectful and disobedient she was going to be punished appropriately.

The hair on the back of her neck stood up because she suddenly remembered all of the many spankings she got as a younger girl. It had been years, but her Mother had that tone. Decisive. Jane didn't have long to think about it as she watched her mother pull a chair from the edge of the wall to a well lit spot under a hanging light bulb. This seemed very ominous to Jane.

Her Mother wouldn't have gone through her things, but she had tripped on the bag which her daughter had left open, and knocked out it's contents. She explained that to Jane, who was getting more pale by the minute. The girls Jaw dropped when she was told that she first get a spanking like a naughty little girl, for simply having disregarded her Mother's wishes. Then, because she was no longer a little girl, a more memorable punishment would follow. She didn't say what, only that Jane would make it much worse for herself if she didn't acceppt it with as much grace as she could muster.

Sitting on the chair her Mother magically produced the same hairbrush she had been spanked with more than a few times as a girl, and made Jane pull down her raiding pants and pretty satin panties. Shaking, Jane complied, feeling like the straw covered ground might disappear under her feet. She nearly fell into position across her Mothers lap, and the lady began to paddle her bottom with the brush with no remorse about delivering a good hard spanking. She lectured her about respecting others and herself, and how she expected that a real spanking would make her really think more carefully next time.

Jane squirmed across her mother's lap, the hard smacks seeming unbearable. Had it hurt this much when she was younger, she wondered? Her soft skin became very tender and hot quickly, and she begged her mom to stop. To no avail, just as it had been the last time her Mother spanked her, the punishment continued until she was crying and kept going.

Finally her Mother put the hairbrush down, which was a great relief for a second. Then she remembered what her Mother had said before she spanked her with the hairbrush. Now she was made to get up and lay across the chair, while her Mother got her riding crop.

It slashed through the air and collided with both of her bottom cheeks at once in a burning line of fire. Again and again the crop landed, not just the tip, but the whole length of the little whip. Jane yelled out and her mother paused to tell her that it really didn't matter how much noise she made, they were in a stable in the country. She was going to get the whipping she deserved weather she liked it or not.

Line after line landed on the girls bottom as she apologized and tears streamed down her face.

Finally it stopped and her mother let her get up and pull her cloths back on. She told her that she was almost proud of her for taking her punishment so well, and she'd save the bottles for her 21st birthday.

A Spanking for the Naughty Maid

The beautiful blonde girl wiggled, her long hair streaming over her shoulder and down towards the hard wood floor underneath them. Her sexy little French maid costume was askew, the back of it pulled up exposing her soft round fleshy bottom. She was laid across a strong looking man’s lap, and he had her held in place so tightly that she couldn’t have wiggled out of it even if she tried. He was slapping her bare bottom repeatedly, spanking her quite soundly. His hand came down across her ass in a particularly hard swat and she moaned out loud, but he hushed her and told her that she had been very naughty. She had this coming for a long time, he reminded her, and continued to spank her with quick hard smacks that left a hot stinging impression.

She had been wearing white panties that matched the costumes cute little apron, but they were now tangled just above her knees. It had the effect of making it harder for her to move her legs to avert the blows that seemed to rain down unending. She was actually about 26, but she looked more like she was sixteen in the outfit, which amused him greatly. She felt more like a naughty little girl who was being punished every second, as the sounds of him smacking her butt rang in her ears. How had she gotten herself into this position again, she wondered, but had trouble focusing.

Just when she thought it was getting really bad and she couldn’t take the stinging sensation he picked up the hairbrush. It was wooden and old fashioned, and she knew what was coming. She begged him not to use the brush, but he told her to stop making such a fuss and began to swat her bottom with it. He reminded her that he had been lenient, that she got away with too many things, and while he might help her out sometimes there had to be a line where she paid some kind of price-- and this time it was going to be in the form of a very long spanking. She whimpered at that and he continued to paddle her bare ass with the hairbrush until it was almost glowing red.

He made her get up and stand in the corner for a few moments, holding her skirt up to expose her reddened bottom. He thought it was kind of cute framed by the little dress, and told her so. He also told her that he didn’t think it was cute when she behaved like a really naughty little girl, and he planned to remind her further of what that can earn a girl. After she stood there for the eternity of five minutes with her hot bottom throbbing, he made her lay over his desk and push her naughty little bottom up into the air. She heard the clanking of metal as he undid his belt and he stomach tightened with anticipation.

It made an awful sound as it came through the air landing in a powerful crack across her bottom. Again and again he whipped her with the stiff thick leather belt. Tears welled in her eyes as it came down harder. Sixty times it whipped her poor bare bottom, her trying desperately to stay in place until he was done. Finally he stopped and asked his lover if she thought she’d let him catch her reading spanking stories when she promised to do the dishes again tomorrow. She composed herself after a long minute and kissed him deeply.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Real Spanking Confessions

I added a fun letter I got recently from a cool girl named Courtney. She's in a spanking relationship with a younger guy who is just getting into BDSM, and it sounds like it's going really well for both of them. Check out the "Dear Victoria Page" to catch the beginning of a story, and feel free to leave a comment to encourage her to share more about it. :-)

Read her thoughts here:



A note from Victoria...

It's been a while since I posted, but I thought I'd stop in and say Happy New Years to all of my readers out there :-). I'd love to hear from some of you again...anybody get or give any fantastic Holiday spankings? If you're willing to share your experiences up here let me know and I'll add some fun bits on the letters page on this site. Just send a note to me at missvictoriafox@gmail.com and make it clear in your note that it's cool to share the scandalous details of your own hot bottom stories.

The biggest reason I haven't been posting is that my computer was down for a few long months, but now I have all kinds of new spanking stories and pics to share. A new fun spanking fiction novel will be available online shortly, and lots of free fun additions here as well. Let's just say I have a whole new toybox full of school canes, floggers, hairbrushes and paddles that can deliver a good hard spanking; and have had a whole lot of ....ahem....inspiring moments lately! Don't mind me if I have to stand up while I type :-)


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The Best of Victoria Fox #1 eBook is Now Available! :-)

I stayed up pretty much all night to make this available, so I hope you all will show me some love ( that, and that someone will flip my cute little green skirt and spank me really hard for staying up all night! LOL ) The new eBook is 100 pages of hot spanking stories, and if I say so myself full of action and intelligently written. It's only $6.99, and will give you hours of smouldering reading pleasure....and maybe a few good ideas for your own spanking adventures.

If you enjoy all the free material here, please buy a copy if you can, it's certainly the best way to encourage me to keep writing! Here's the direct link, where you can take a look at the preview and buy a copy :

The Best of Victoria Fox #1- M/f spanking story compilation

Thanks and Happy Spanking! ~ Victoria Fox

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The Best of Victoria Fox #1 - M/f Compilation

So close...so close. Sometime tomorrow "The Best of Victoria Fox # 1 will be available, and I'll post an update on how to get your own copy of the ebook. It's 100 pages of fun M/f spanking stories. Some of them are those that have been the most popular from previous publications that are no longer available, and a few are entirely new hot spanking and corporal punishment stories. There's quite a bit of free material on this site, so you know what my writing is like. If you've enjoyed the stories here, I'm sure you'll enjoy the ebook, and buying a copy would be a great way to say "Thanks!".

The ebook will be an easy pdf download, and viewable with any number of modern gadgets. The best of Victoria Fox #1 is intended to be a series, with the first being all Male dominant/ Female submissive spanking stories. There will also be a F/f spanking stories collection, and a collection of edgier BDSM fiction soon to be available.

Happy Spanking!

UPDATE: "The Best of Victoria Fox #1- M/f spanking stories" is now available for only $6.99. If you like my stories, please check it out :-) ! Look here to see the preview and download the eBook : http://www.lulu.com/shop/victoria-fox/the-best-of-victoria-fox-1/ebook/product-20078510.html

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A new free F/f spanking story from Victoria Fox

Looking for A Strict Aunt?

F/f spanking , hand and hairbrush

She had been looking for another woman to “play” with for a long time, and by play, I mean she wanted an authoritave strong woman to pull her across her lap and paddle her bare bottom. The lady was straight and had played around this way with boyfriends before, but the focus seemed to much to edge towards sex. It wasn’t that she didn’t like having sex, but the part of her brain that was turned on by spanking was somehow different than the part of her brain that liked it when her body was explored in a pleasuring way. It seemed a hard thing to explain to the men who had been in her life, not that they weren’t nice guys. That was part of the problem, she wanted the spanking to hurt and make her feel like a naughty little girl being punished, and somehow that didn’t work whenever the guy in the situation would stop the spanking in progress to ask softly “Honey baby doll, does that feel good? Is my naughty little girl enjoying it?” Not that that didn’t make her giggle and have fun with it, but somehow it wasn’t quite what she was looking to experience.

So she started to fantasize about being spanked by another woman. She imagined the role relationship as authorative, stern, but not abusive. She remembered stories she had heard as a girl from other young ladies at school, about how their Mothers had punished their naughty behavior with a swift and firm spanking; sometimes using things like a hairbrush, a ping pong paddle, or a wooden spoon. She remembered back to her childhood, how confusing it was when she heard those stories, because she’d go home and re-imagine how it happened as she fell asleep. Sometimes she would even dream of a strong maternal figure disciplining her and insisting she be a good girl, and would wake up sweating. She felt frightened of the dreams, and as frightened as she was, she felt equally turned on in a way that confused her. Who would want to be spanked?

She did. As an adult she had already tried it with a number of lovers, but it wasn’t going somehow to the place she wanted, and she remembered those old daydreams again. When it finally happened it was almost a surprise. She had idly been looking through personals adds, a private little pleasure. She never really responded to them, just read them for amusement and the occasional erotic thrill. This one she responded to, although at the time it was more a game than something she expected she’d follow through on. It just sounded so much like one of her fantasies.


You know that your Aunt has been lonely, living by herself in that big old Victorian mansion. She would like to go on a little vacation with you. You know that she’s strict, but also a lot of fun, and maybe want some time away from the daily grind. She’s more than willing to cover dinner, entertainment, and hotel costs while you take a fantasy vacation with her; although she’s warned you that if you don’t behave like a good young lady should she’ll be responsible to punish you in the old fashioned way. Serious inquiries only, just consensual BDSM fun woman to woman, NSA.

She couldn’t help but respond to the ad because she was curious, although she didn’t really expect or hope that it would lead to anything. The idea secretly thrilled her, but she also didn’t want to hook up with some crazy lunatic or some diesel dyke that might want completely different things. This one sounded different, however, and she sent the woman who posted it a private message from the perspective of a sweet but sassy niece.

They wrote back and fourth for a couple of weeks, and she discovered that her “Auntie” didn’t lived about an hour away, near a pretty little tourist town with a lakefront. The older woman invited her to meet her for dinner at a posh seafood restaurant next to a charming old fashioned hotel, and offered to get a room for the night. If they hit it off in person, she’d stay with her at the hotel that night, and if not she could drive herself back…no pressure to agree before getting to know one another more. The only catch wasn’t really a catch, the dominant woman wanted her to pretend for the outing that she really was her niece, and that they were catching up after not having seen each other since she was a child. It sounded like a fun game.

She met with the lady and they had a fantastic dinner, laughing over a glass of wine and ‘catching up’, exchanging in their conversation some real life stories and views. When dinner was over she decided that she wanted to stay the night with her Aunt, and they went over to the hotel where the lady had already made reservations.

She had been instructed to bring a girlish pretty nightgown and to wear clean white cotton panties, but not to worry about anything else. When they got into the hotel room her Aunt told her she should go get ready for bed. Nervously, she did so, although there had been no treat of a spanking yet. She knew it was coming, that taking it this far meant it would be happening.

When she came out of the bathroom dressed in her pretty white and blue nightgown, her Aunt was sitting on the bed, and patted the mattress indicating that she should sit down next to her. The lady told her she wanted to have a little discussion. She knew that the young woman had been having trouble finding the right job, and she focused on that as she explained that she thought the problem was that she lacked discipline. Her Aunt looked at her and stated that she thought she knew exactly what she needed, and asked her what she thought.

Unsure how to respond her voice was shaky as she admitted that she sometimes had problems staying on track, but that she did really try. She didn’t want to admit, suddenly, that she wanted to be spanked. Her Aunt shook her head and said that she wasn’t being very honest with herself, and that it was an important thing in life. Then she said it. Her Aunt said in a matter of fact way that she needed a good spanking to put her back on track.

The girls eyes opened wide and she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t have to, because now her Aunt was simply telling her what to do. “Go get the big wooden hairbrush out of my tote bag.” The woman ordered. Without really thinking or meaning it the girl blurted out very naturally “But I don’t want a spanking.” The woman next to her narrowed her eyes and started at her sternly as she said “Yes you do, or you wouldn’t behave in such a way. I mean to teach you a lesson and give you the kind of reminder you’ll remember for a long time.”

Feeling flabbergasted and not wanting to argue something she didn’t really want to argue, she went and fetched the hairbrush. “That’s a good girl.” Her new Aunt told her, in a way that seemed sinister and loving all at once.

Soon she found herself across the other woman’s lap, her nightgown hiked up and exposing her firm and curvaceous bottom. The lady started to smack her backside with her hand, over the crisp white cotton panties that seemed so girlish. The slaps across her rear end weren’t exactly light, but they weren’t so hard that she couldn’t stand it. She managed to lay there like a good girl for her Aunt as the woman firmly spanked all over her panty clad bottom, and the sting and heat began to rise and feel a little sore. She could still breathe through it, and as much as part of her feared the spanking, she also didn’t want it to end too soon. Her relatively calm acceptance started to shift suddenly, as the woman yanked at the waistband of her underwear, telling her to pull them down.

She lifted a little and swiftly the panties came down around her thighs, and the older woman picked up the hairbrush. Her Aunt felt her muscles tense, and told her to settle down, that she knew she had this coming. Quickly, her Aunt started to paddle her bare bottom with the hard back of the big wooden hairbrush. The girl let out a loud “Oww!”, and the woman threw a pillow under her face, telling her she better burry it in that and not make such a fuss. She kept spanking her with the hairbrush, intent on delivering a real and hard spanking.

The girls heart rate sped up and she felt panicked as the lady kept whacking her butt with increasing strength and speed. She could no longer concentrate on being calm about it, her legs kicking a little involuntarily. The woman kept paddling her, and she knew her ass must be glowing red. Her face flushed with embarrassment to know that she had courted this, and it hurt like a thousand bee stings at once. Her Aunt started to lecture her on the importance of being honest with yourself, and how a good work ethic and more focus and discipline would be good for her life. It pulled psychological strings as well as physical ones, and she started crying, unsure of how much more she could bear.

Her Aunt did not seem moved by her sudden display of emotional distress, and the spanking continued, making her bottom hotter and hotter. A few very long moments later her Aunt stopped, setting the hairbrush down next to them, and stroking the girls hair. She made her stand up and lift her nightgown so she could see, and then told her to go look in the mirror at it and see what happens to a naughty girls bottom. In the mirror she saw that her butt was quite red, almost puffy, and had some little bruises starting to come up from where some particularly hard smacks had landed repeatedly. When she came back from looking at her abraded bottom in the mirror, her Aunt had poured them both a little glass of wine.

The lady asked if she was okay, and though breathless she indicated that she was. They talked for a while and finished their drinks, and her Aunt put some soothing classical music on the radio and told her it was time to go to sleep. This was the first time they played, and it led to a very good friendship that continued to be punctuated by this kind of playtime which she grew to fear and love all at once.


"The Best of Victoria Fox #2- F/f spanking stories" will be available soon, featuring all F/f spanking stories like this one.

"The Best of Victoria Fox #1- M/f spanking stories" is now available for only $6.99. If you like my stories, please check it out :-) ! Look here to see the preview and download the eBook : http://www.lulu.com/shop/victoria-fox/the-best-of-victoria-fox-1/ebook/product-20078510.html

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Spanking Shorts #1- Work Before Play

I'm also working on a series of short-short spanking stories, around 1,000 words each; where the story is mostly action with little bits of plot revealed as the spanking happens. Here's the first one, what do you all think? I also decided to add this one to the new eBook, which is part of a series of spanking short stories I've put together.

Work Before Play

M/f – bare bottom hand spanking

She had been very naughty, and she knew it as her roommate was pulling her up off the floor. He had at least taken meticulous care as he unplugged her headphones from her laptop, so she could actually hear him. He asked how long she had been playing video games, which he had apparently asked her several times while she was unable to hear him with the sound turned up. Stunned, she told him for a little bit, and that she was just taking a break. It was the sharp tone in his voice when he stated “that’s a lie and a fabrication.” That sent shivers down her spine as he had purposefully picked her laptop up from her lap and set it on a table next to the couch she was leaning against. To her, these things seemed to occur almost all at once, as she became aware that he was pulling her up off her seat, sitting down on the couch behind her, and pulling her in a smooth motion across his lap. To herself she immediately thought, ‘This can’t possibly be good.’

Her sudden realization was punctuated by a sharp slap across her bottom that made her squeal. It wasn’t that she didn’t know exactly what he meant to do as he had pulled her into that position, but somehow the sharp instant sting surprised her like it always did. Almost embarrassed at her obvious reaction she tried to calm herself down with a quick deep breath, which didn’t seem to help this time as the initial smack turned into a rain of blows. There was apparently not going to be a discussion about this one. The sting intensified spreading across both cheeks, and she let out a much quieter but more genuine little moan. The pinstripe slacks she was wearing provided no protection, though just as she thought that she felt his other hand move on her waist tugging at the top of her trousers. She dropped her shoulders and felt her moistening eyes plead, though she was staring up at a spot on the wall and couldn’t make eye contact. She knew better than to argue this anyway.

Her lithe little hands worked underneath her, scraping between the rough texture of his jeans and her smooth fine linen pants. She found the center and undid the clasps on her waistband, unzipping and undoing them as she leaned up just slightly to pull them down. That he had even started to spank her with them still on indicated just how determined he was to do this right now, but there was no question even to her that it wouldn’t end with her modesty so intact. She whimpered a little, but dared not give any real protest to the way things went. Black panties with little lace edges also got yanked down exposing creamy white skin as the flurry of hard slaps continued.

He had her permission to do this anytime he wanted to or thought she deserved it, not that it seemed he needed such permission. There was really nothing she could have done from that position to stop him in the process. His hand landed hard, flexing across her bottom flesh until the creamy pale skin turned pink, then closer to a bright and blushing shade of red. She knew why she was getting spanked, and couldn’t in any honest way argue in her defense. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, except possibly by making the punishment worse.

The thought of her bare bottom upended in such a childish way embarrassed the pretty young woman of 26. That she had agreed, even asked for this, nearly infuriated her at this point. Yet she couldn’t really be mad, because he had caught her wasting time when she had an important project to be working on. Her bottom burned with a hotter and hotter intensity as he continued spanking her, unaware of her internal thoughts. A deeper breath, and she tried to accept more gracefully the stinging blows as they covered her ass in uncomfortable heat. She knew she shouldn’t have been blowing off time with the video game she liked, and now like a character in some little play she was helpless to the fate that had already been written. She’d be spanked like a child for being naughty, and playing around when she was supposed to be working was definitely naughty. Although she liked being spanked sometimes, this sudden harsh thrashing for something real was not what she enjoyed. He was only smacking her with his hand, but his hand across her bottom felt like it was made of steel or something stronger. Unable to help herself any longer she wailed out loud, her long hair whipping across her face as she tried to turn her head and look up at him pleadingly. She knew better, it was not over yet.

He started to slap not just her fleshy bare bottom, but her upper thighs, and it made her cringe and squeal. She pleaded with him, that she knew she had work to do, and that she’d get right on it if he’d let her up. The spanking continued, him muttering something about how she should have done that earlier. He went back to concentrating on each of her exposed bottom cheeks, her tangled panties a mess around her knees, as she tried not to kick or struggle. She knew that would only make the spanking longer, and possibly encourage him to use something harder. She could tell at least that he knew he was getting his point across already in a memorable way.

Finally the smacking slowed a little and he paused, asking her if she’d finally finish her work now. Emphatically she made promises she meant, and he made some small grunt of agreement. To be sure, he reminded her that he knew she had been naughty and had every bit of this spanking coming, and proceeded to swat her bottom harder and harder until tears spilled down her cheeks and touched her quivering lips. Then he stopped and helped her up, kissing her forehead gently as she got up and straightened her clothing.

Gingerly she sat back down at her desk to finish her work.

UPDATE: "The Best of Victoria Fox #1- M/f spanking stories" is now available for only $6.99. If you like my stories, please check it out! here http://www.lulu.com/shop/victoria-fox/the-best-of-victoria-fox-1/ebook/product-20078510.html

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F/f spanking story

Yesterday I posted the first chapter from a new story called "The Friday Discipline Sessions", which is a M/f spanking fetish fantasy story which ranges from disciplinary to erotic, and gets into bdsm psychology and role relationships through the experiences the characters share. The entire story will be in the upcoming book. Since chapter one from that story is the beginning of an intense M/f sceene, I thought I'd share a F/f spanking scene from another one of the new stories in the book. Here's chapter 2 of "Dorm Life for Danielle", in which a college girl is taken to task by her 'dorm mother'.

...from Dorm Life for Danielle
by Victoria Fox

ch 2

“Well, aren’t you a royal brat.” Nancy snapped two seconds after she walked into Danielle’s room. It had been six days since her first visit. Danielle’s jaw dropped, as she hadn’t expected to see the dorm mother until the next day, certainly not after daytime hours. She had meant to keep up on things, but all kinds of other things had pulled her focus all week. She looked around, trying to lie to herself for a moment, telling herself that it wasn’t that bad. Danielle noticed as she tried to come up with a smooth excuse that things were really a mess again. She stammered and exclaimed that she hadn’t expected Nancy until the next day and that she’d clean everything up in the morning.

The Dorm mom already had her cell phone in her hand. Acting as though she was almost ignoring the hysterical acting college girl, she reached into her purse and pulled a little notebook out. It had emergency contact information for all the young women enrolled at the college, including the numbers of their parents. “Danielle,” She said cooly “You won’t have to. I’ll be contacting the Dean in the morning to have you suspended on grounds that your room is a health hazard and you have failed to listen to warnings already given you.”

“Nancy, you can’t!” Danielle exclaimed, he eyes widening and becoming instantly wet.

The lady with the notepad and phone smirked and continued without pause, to say that she’d be calling her Father to make arrangements for her to be picked up.

Danielle’s cheeks flooded with tears. She found herself begging in the most childlike fashion to be given another chance. Nancy just stared at her, expressionless. Dani apologized, promised she’d do better, and pleaded for Nancy to just come check in the morning. Nancy still stared at her pointedly, looked at her phone, and back at the girl. Please, she bagged again, don’t. In tears and not knowing what possessed her, she told Nancy that she had been right the week before, that she did deserve a spanking.

Nancy then asked her the most embarrassing series of questions she had ever been required to answer. She wanted to know when the last time Danielle had gotten a spanking was. Danielle told her about the incident when she borrowed her Dad’s car without permission, trying to not get into detail. Her face flushed with shame as Nancy demanded the full story. She wanted to know what Danielle had been spanked with, and for how long. Dani told her that her Daddy had used his hand, and a hairbrush, and his heavy leather belt. Nancy asked if he had pulled down her panties and spanked her on her bare bottom, and when Danielle nodded the lady said that she surely deserved it. She asked her if he spanked hard enough that it really hurt, and Dani tried to look away. She asked her if it made her feel like a naughty little girl when he took the hairbrush to her, and if she had felt embarrassed when he whipped her bare bottom with his belt.

Danielle was visibly humiliated by the questions, especially the last one- whether or not she had that old hairbrush in her dorm room. Danielle wondered hatefully to herself why she had kept the thing, and nodded at the formidable looking woman. She sighed, somehow giving in, retrieved the brush from her dresser drawer, and handed it to Nancy.

The spanking was quick, unexpected, different from her Father’s. Nancy pulled her down on the bottom bunk bed and made her lay over her lap. She began swatting hard, immediately with the brush, over her jeans. After about 25 good hard smacks, she ordered her to pull down her pants, and repeated the same volley of swats on top of her panties. The hard solid whaps across her bottom with the hairbrush seemed excruciating. They kept coming so fast that she didn’t have a second to catch her breath. She had already been crying when the spanking began, and now was sobbing as Nancy pulled her panties down. Having this strange woman do such an intimate thing made her feel ashamed. She didn’t have time to think about the emotion as the spanking kept going, now on her bare bottom. Nancy managed to hit every spot on Danielle’s butt, making it turn crimson. A few hard slaps to her thighs made her wail into the pillow, as Nancy continued to spank all over both cheeks again. Finally Nancy stopped for a moment, and told her to stop crying and get up.

Out of breath Danielle choked for a moment, and tried to pull her sobs in. She stood up and fumbled to pull her underwear and jeans back over her throbbing ass. Nancy told her that wouldn’t be necessary, that she should lean on her desk and try to take the rest of her punishment like a good little girl that knew she deserved it. Danielle straightened up and followed the older woman’s orders. Nancy pulled the blind rod off of the hanging blinds in the window, and suddenly Danielle heard the thing swish just before the impact. She moaned and almost jumped into the air with the first hot red line, and Nancy reminded her to be still. The second, third and fourth crisscrossed, Dani concentrating hard not to move, to just let it happen. Two more, nancy announced, and paused for a second. Then the fifth and sixth landed, seemingly at the same time in a strange eternity of slow motion. “Owwww!’ she heard herself cry out with the first, and “I’m sorreeeee!” with the second.

“That’s better,” Nancy said “And get this pig sty cleaned up before I see you again in the morning.” Quickly she left, Danielle still bent over her desk and trying to collect herself with her jeans bunched up around her knees and her bottom a mass of red striped welts, all of it throbbing hotly.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's see...what do I want to give you kids first? How about the first chapter of one of the new stories; "the Friday Night Sessions"......

From The Friday Night Sessions in Victoria Fox's upcoming book :-) Chapter 1:

1. It Begins Again

The 32 year old artist waited nervously on Paul’s porch as she waited for him to answer the door. She had long legs in stockings, shaved perfectly smooth underneath. Her short navy blue skirt hung three inches over the knee, long enough to be respectable but short enough to show off her pretty legs. A Matching suit jacket was tailored to her waistline, open to show the delicate ivory colored silk blouse. She looked and was professional, well spoken and well dressed, admired in her field. She was also sometimes a hot mess, but she allowed very few people to see that.

She felt a knot in the pit of her stomach as he answered the door, which she willed away consciously. She knew what she was here to get, and was doing it on purpose. This was her fourth session with Paul, she chided herself, she should be prepared by now. Janet shook her long brunette hair out, flipping it to make sure it wasn’t caught under the collar and managed a sweet smile as me motioned her in.

It always began as soon as she arrived. In his living room the curtains were already drawn and he sat down in a comfortable chair. She took her jacket off and walked to the desk along another wall, and hung it over the chair neatly. She unbuttoned and unzipped her shirt, taking it off and folding it neatly. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off as well, leaving a silky camisole over her bra. She was wearing garter stockings underneath her lacy white panties, which she also pulled down and stepped out of.

She left the garter-belt and stockings on. Standing with her back to him still her bottom was already bare, and framed nicely by the old fashioned stockings. The heels she still wore made her pert ass look even more round and ripe.

Without a fuss she walked over to Paul steadily, and laid herself willingly across her lap.

He waited just a moment for her to settle into position, and then her spanking began. His large right hand caressed the skin and she tensed a little, just before he started to slap her ass. The swats were moderate at first, hard enough to sting, but not completely overwhelming. After a moment he really started to smacking her bottom like it was mean to hurt. She gasped as his heavy hand smacked her harder. It stung and began to ache with an uncomfortable burning sensation. Paul kept spanking her bare ass very hard. He enjoyed watching the reddening cheeks of her bottom bouncing under each smack.

Partly this was to get her bottom ready for much more severe discipline. If he spanked her like this first she would be able to take a much longer session. Once her skin was warm and tingling and the muscles had begun to accept the blows, he would be able to continue punishing her for a long time, and with other things he enjoyed using. This way the spanking would continue to feel hotly intense for her all the way through, but she’d be able to take it for as long as he decided without it doing her any real damage. She was in for a long session tonight, so he took his time spanking her bare bottom all over.

Even though he was smacking her bottom with a good force, she didn’t make too much of a fuss about it. He could tell his slaps to her bottom were having an effect from a soft whimper or a harshly drawn breath here or there, but there was no sign that she was in any terrible distress. There would be no point to that, she knew what she was there for. She wouldn’t want to get the kind of discipline she knew was coming without being a little tender to begin with. While it made the punishment session a little longer, it also helped to prepare her for what would be next.

He also spanked her bare bottom this way for his own pleasure. She had a pretty body, and her ass being framed by the garter stockings was hot. He liked watching her strip down a layer, and leave the professional woman at his desk. He wanted her to have time to set her week aside so that the surface level of her mind would be clear and he could touch the more hidden parts of her psyche, and to be in the right frame of mind himself to administer her discipline properly.

It was ten till eight, he noted. Her real session would go from eight pm. until midnight, and he would spank her in every possible way he felt like during that four hours. He would make the choices at will, and she would comply. He would only stop early were some real injury to occur, and he would make sure that didn’t happen. By the time he was done she would be thoroughly dressed down, and her bottom would be tender for days. For the next four hours she would be “miss” and he would be “Sir”, and they would leave the real lives of Janet and Paul at the door.