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 1.  Looking for a Strict Aunt? 
 2.  Ch 2. from "Dorm Life for Danielle"
 3.  Payback 

Looking for A Strict Aunt?
F/f spanking , hand and hairbrush

She had been looking for another woman to “play” with for a long time, and by play, I mean she wanted an authoritave strong woman to pull her across her lap and paddle her bare bottom. The lady was straight and had played around this way with boyfriends before, but the focus seemed to much to edge towards sex. It wasn’t that she didn’t like having sex, but the part of her brain that was turned on by spanking was somehow different than the part of her brain that liked it when her body was explored in a pleasuring way. It seemed a hard thing to explain to the men who had been in her life, not that they weren’t nice guys. That was part of the problem, she wanted the spanking to hurt and make her feel like a naughty little girl being punished, and somehow that didn’t work whenever the guy in the situation would stop the spanking in progress to ask softly “Honey baby doll, does that feel good? Is my naughty little girl enjoying it?” Not that that didn’t make her giggle and have fun with it, but somehow it wasn’t quite what she was looking to experience.

So she started to fantasize about being spanked by another woman. She imagined the role relationship as authorative, stern, but not abusive. She remembered stories she had heard as a girl from other young ladies at school, about how their Mothers had punished their naughty behavior with a swift and firm spanking; sometimes using things like a hairbrush, a ping pong paddle, or a wooden spoon. She remembered back to her childhood, how confusing it was when she heard those stories, because she’d go home and re-imagine how it happened as she fell asleep. Sometimes she would even dream of a strong maternal figure disciplining her and insisting she be a good girl, and would wake up sweating. She felt frightened of the dreams, and as frightened as she was, she felt equally turned on in a way that confused her. Who would want to be spanked?

She did. As an adult she had already tried it with a number of lovers, but it wasn’t going somehow to the place she wanted, and she remembered those old daydreams again. When it finally happened it was almost a surprise. She had idly been looking through personals adds, a private little pleasure. She never really responded to them, just read them for amusement and the occasional erotic thrill. This one she responded to, although at the time it was more a game than something she expected she’d follow through on. It just sounded so much like one of her fantasies.


You know that your Aunt has been lonely, living by herself in that big old Victorian mansion. She would like to go on a little vacation with you. You know that she’s strict, but also a lot of fun, and maybe want some time away from the daily grind. She’s more than willing to cover dinner, entertainment, and hotel costs while you take a fantasy vacation with her; although she’s warned you that if you don’t behave like a good young lady should she’ll be responsible to punish you in the old fashioned way. Serious enquiries only, just consensual BDSM fun woman to woman, NSA. 

She couldn’t help but respond to the ad because she was curious, although she didn’t really expect or hope that it would lead to anything. The idea secretly thrilled her, but she also didn’t want to hook up with some crazy lunatic or some diesel dyke that might want completely different things. This one sounded different, however, and she sent the woman who posted it a private message from the perspective of a sweet but sassy niece.

They wrote back and fourth for a couple of weeks, and she discovered that her “Auntie” didn’t lived about an hour away, near a pretty little tourist town with a lakefront. The older woman invited her to meet her for dinner at a posh seafood restaurant next to a charming old fashioned hotel, and offered to get a room for the night. If they hit it off in person, she’d stay with her at the hotel that night, and if not she could drive herself back…no pressure to agree before getting to know one another more. The only catch wasn’t really a catch, the dominant woman wanted her to pretend for the outing that she really was her niece, and that they were catching up after not having seen each other since she was a child. It sounded like a fun game.

She met with the lady and they had a fantastic dinner, laughing over a glass of wine and ‘catching up’, exchanging in their conversation some real life stories and views. When dinner was over she decided that she wanted to stay the night with her Aunt, and they went over to the hotel where the lady had already made reservations.

She had been instructed to bring a girlish pretty nightgown and to wear clean white cotton panties, but not to worry about anything else. When they got into the hotel room her Aunt told her she should go get ready for bed. Nervously, she did so, although there had been no treat of a spanking yet. She knew it was coming, that taking it this far meant it would be happening.

When she came out of the bathroom dressed in her pretty white and blue nightgown, her Aunt was sitting on the bed, and patted the mattress indicating that she should sit down next to her. The lady told her she wanted to have a little discussion. She knew that the young woman had been having trouble finding the right job, and she focused on that as she explained that she thought the problem was that she lacked discipline. Her Aunt looked at her and stated that she thought she knew exactly what she needed, and asked her what she thought.

Unsure how to respond her voice was shaky as she admitted that she sometimes had problems staying on track, but that she did really try. She didn’t want to admit, suddenly, that she wanted to be spanked. Her Aunt shook her head and said that she wasn’t being very honest with herself, and that it was an important thing in life. Then she said it. Her Aunt said in a matter of fact way that she needed a good spanking to put her back on track. 

The girls eyes opened wide and she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t have to, because now her Aunt was simply telling her what to do. “Go get the big wooden hairbrush out of my tote bag.” The woman ordered. Without really thinking or meaning it the girl blurted out very naturally “But I don’t want a spanking.” The woman next to her narrowed her eyes and started at her sternly as she said “Yes you do, or you wouldn’t behave in such a way. I mean to teach you a lesson and give you the kind of reminder you’ll remember for a long time.”

Feeling flabbergasted and not wanting to argue something she didn’t really want to argue, she went and fetched the hairbrush. “That’s a good girl.” Her new Aunt told her, in a way that seemed sinister and loving all at once. 

Soon she found herself across the other woman’s lap, her nightgown hiked up and exposing her firm and curvaceous bottom. The lady started to smack her backside with her hand, over the crisp white cotton panties that seemed so girlish. The slaps across her rear end weren’t exactly light, but they weren’t so hard that she couldn’t stand it. She managed to lay there like a good girl for her Aunt as the woman firmly spanked all over her panty clad bottom, and the sting and heat began to rise and feel a little sore. She could still breathe through it, and as much as part of her feared the spanking, she also didn’t want it to end too soon. Her relatively calm acceptance started to shift suddenly, as the woman yanked at the waistband of her underwear, telling her to pull them down. 

She lifted a little and swiftly the panties came down around her thighs, and the older woman picked up the hairbrush. Her Aunt felt her muscles tense, and told her to settle down, that she knew she had this coming. Quickly, her Aunt started to paddle her bare bottom with the hard back of the big wooden hairbrush. The girl let out a loud “Oww!”, and the woman threw a pillow under her face, telling her she better bury it in that and not make such a fuss.

She kept spanking her with the hairbrush, intent on delivering a real and hard spanking. The girls heart rate sped up and she felt panicked as the lady kept whacking her butt with increasing strength and speed. She could no longer concentrate on being calm about it, her legs kicking a little involuntarily. The woman kept paddling her, and she knew her ass must be glowing red. Her face flushed with embarrassment to know that she had courted this, and it hurt like a thousand bee stings at once. Her Aunt started to lecture her on the importance of being honest with yourself, and how a good work ethic and more focus and discipline would be good for her life. It pulled psychological strings as well as physical ones, and she started crying, unsure of how much more she could bear. 

Her Aunt did not seem moved by her sudden display of emotional distress, and the spanking continued, making her bottom hotter and hotter. A few very long moments later her Aunt stopped, setting the hairbrush down next to them, and stroking the girls hair. She made her stand up and lift her nightgown so she could see, and then told her to go look in the mirror at it and see what happens to a naughty girls bottom. In the mirror she saw that her butt was quite red, almost puffy, and had some little bruises starting to come up from where some particularly hard smacks had landed repeatedly. When she came back from looking at her abraded bottom in the mirror, her Aunt had poured them both a little glass of wine. 

The lady asked if she was okay, and though breathless she indicated that she was. They talked for a while and finished their drinks, and her Aunt put some soothing classical music on the radio and told her it was time to go to sleep. This was the first time they played, and it led to a very good friendship that continued to be punctuated by this kind of playtime which she grew to fear and love all at once. 

...from Dorm Life for Danielle
by Victoria Fox
ch 2

“Well, aren’t you a royal brat.” Nancy snapped two seconds after she walked into Danielle’s room. It had been six days since her first visit. Danielle’s jaw dropped, as she hadn’t expected to see the dorm mother until the next day, certainly not after daytime hours. She had meant to keep up on things, but all kinds of other things had pulled her focus all week. She looked around, trying to lie to herself for a moment, telling herself that it wasn’t that bad. Danielle noticed as she tried to come up with a smooth excuse that things were really a mess again. She stammered and exclaimed that she hadn’t expected Nancy until the next day and that she’d clean everything up in the morning. 

The Dorm mom already had her cell phone in her hand. Acting as though she was almost ignoring the hysterical acting college girl, she reached into her purse and pulled a little notebook out. It had emergency contact information for all the young women enrolled at the college, including the numbers of their parents. “Danielle,” She said cooly “You won’t have to. I’ll be contacting the Dean in the morning to have you suspended on grounds that your room is a health hazard and you have failed to listen to warnings already given you.”

“Nancy, you can’t!” Danielle exclaimed, he eyes widening and becoming instantly wet. 

The lady with the notepad and phone smirked and continued without pause, to say that she’d be calling her Father to make arrangements for her to be picked up. 

Danielle’s cheeks flooded with tears. She found herself begging in the most childlike fashion to be given another chance. Nancy just stared at her, expressionless. Dani apologized, promised she’d do better, and pleaded for Nancy to just come check in the morning. Nancy still stared at her pointedly, looked at her phone, and back at the girl. Please, she bagged again, don’t. In tears and not knowing what possessed her, she told Nancy that she had been right the week before, that she did deserve a spanking. 

Nancy then asked her the most embarrassing series of questions she had ever been required to answer. She wanted to know when the last time Danielle had gotten a spanking was. Danielle told her about the incident when she borrowed her Dad’s car without permission, trying to not get into detail. Her face flushed with shame as Nancy demanded the full story. She wanted to know what Danielle had been spanked with, and for how long. Dani told her that her Daddy had used his hand, and a hairbrush, and his heavy leather belt. Nancy asked if he had pulled down her panties and spanked her on her bare bottom, and when Danielle nodded the lady said that she surely deserved it. She asked her if he spanked hard enough that it really hurt, and Dani tried to look away. She asked her if it made her feel like a naughty little girl when he took the hairbrush to her, and if she had felt embarrassed when he whipped her bare bottom with his belt. 

Danielle was visibly humiliated by the questions, especially the last one- whether or not she had that old hairbrush in her dorm room. Danielle wondered hatefully to herself why she had kept the thing, and nodded at the formidable looking woman. She sighed, somehow giving in, retrieved the brush from her dresser drawer, and handed it to Nancy. 

The spanking was quick, unexpected, different from her Father’s. Nancy pulled her down on the bottom bunk bed and made her lay over her lap. She began swatting hard, immediately with the brush, over her jeans. After about 25 good hard smacks, she ordered her to pull down her pants, and repeated the same volley of swats on top of her panties. The hard solid whaps across her bottom with the hairbrush seemed excruciating. They kept coming so fast that she didn’t have a second to catch her breath. She had already been crying when the spanking began, and now was sobbing as Nancy pulled her panties down. Having this strange woman do such an intimate thing made her feel ashamed. She didn’t have time to think about the emotion as the spanking kept going, now on her bare bottom. Nancy managed to hit every spot on Danielle’s butt, making it turn crimson. A few hard slaps to her thighs made her wail into the pillow, as Nancy continued to spank all over both cheeks again. Finally Nancy stopped for a moment, and told her to stop crying and get up. 

Out of breath Danielle choked for a moment, and tried to pull her sobs in. She stood up and fumbled to pull her underwear and jeans back over her throbbing ass. Nancy told her that wouldn’t be necessary, that she should lean on her desk and try to take the rest of her punishment like a good little girl that knew she deserved it. Danielle straightened up and followed the older woman’s orders. Nancy pulled the blind rod off of the hanging blinds in the window, and suddenly Danielle heard the thing swish just before the impact. She moaned and almost jumped into the air with the first hot red line, and Nancy reminded her to be still. The second, third and fourth crisscrossed, Dani concentrating hard not to move, to just let it happen. Two more, nancy announced, and paused for a second. Then the fifth and sixth landed, seemingly at the same time in a strange eternity of slow motion. “Owwww!’ she heard herself cry out with the first, and “I’m sorreeeee!” with the second. 

“That’s better,” Nancy said “And get this pig sty cleaned up before I see you again in the morning.” Quickly she left, Danielle still bent over her desk and trying to collect herself with her jeans bunched up around her knees and her bottom a mass of red striped welts, all of it throbbing hotly. 


 .....From “Naughty Bedtime Stories” by Victoria Fox -F/f disciplinary spanking- Mature Content intended for Adult readers.

Tara was furious. Casey was late again. They were the best of friends and sharing a room at college, and Tara was beginning to loose it. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to waiting around for Casey, ever since they met in high school, she found herself occasioned to being disappointed by being late for parties and other social events they would go to together. It frustrated her more because she had talked with her friend about it— and this it made her feel more disrespected every time.

Casey, however, was such a sweetheart that Tara was also used to loosing her angst as soon as she would walk in the door. Her moon shaped face would enter like beams of light, filling the room with its smile. She’d bubble over about how she just ran into an old friend and they got to talking…… and she’d babble about it for a moment before seeing the look of annoyance on Tara’s face. Then Casey would shift her eyes to the floor and apologize profusely, twisting strands of her wavy blond hair through over her polished peach nails.

“Oh my gosh Tara! I’m so sorry….We were supposed to leave at eight weren’t we…..Don’t be mad…..” she’d always say. The sincerity of it always came from such a genuine place that Tara would soon feel bad, and experience her frustration relenting. “Aww, kid, shut up…. Just don’t do it again.” She’d find herself responding.

Somehow, Tara had wound up being the ‘older sister’ in this relationship. It was usually Casey who would come to her for advice and guidance. Tara was nurturing in her way, but more than that, she was together. She was good at completing projects and directing her own life in ways that Casey just wasn’t mature enough to pull off yet. In a sisterly way, Tara always tried to influence Casey—who had so much potential and intelligence behind her flighty and daydreaming personality.

Just then Tara remembered something and grinned with a wickedness that was indescribable. The last time Casey had made her wait around for her to go see a movie, she PROMISED that it would never happen again (for the nth time, of course) and begged Tara to forgive her (just once more). Tara had been particularly mad at her and had been staring out the window as Casey prattled, almost getting teary. Finally she had said, “Listen, I really mean it. I’ll be on time when we’re supposed to be somewhere—heck, if I’m ever late again you can spank me like a little girl.” Tara giggled then, and while still laughing threatened “Okay, but only if I get to use a good wooden hairbrush like your Mom did when you were tiny! Aack! Imagine you, squealing about and kicking your legs—that’s what’ll happen if you ever make me late for something again!!”

Now, it had all been a joke at the time. Tara certainly hadn’t spanked anyone before, not outside of silly childhood games. She mused about it for a moment, feeling a strangely strong sense of confidence. ‘I’m totally going to do this,’ She thought, ‘ and BOY will she remember.’

That’s when Tara fished through her dorm dresser to find the Crabtree and Evelyn hairbrush her Mom had put into her stocking with bath accessories at Christmas. It’s back was thick and lacquered cherry-wood in the style of a Victorian antique. ‘Oh yeah, that’ll sting’ she chuckled to herself about her plan, and smacked the outside of her own thigh soundly.

“Yeowch!” she yelped out loud, surprising herself. For just a second, the flash of pain and her following laughter at herself mixed into some emotion that was almost erotic. She didn’t think about it much more than that as she plopped down into their rainbow beanbag chair, hiding the hairbrush under the edge of her long black broomstick skirt.

About two minutes later, nearly an hour late, Casey strolled in.

“So where have you been this time?” Tara asked abruptly, sounding almost disinterested. She looked lazily in Casey’s direction through emerald green eyes, feigning sleepiness.

Casey began her usual explanation of how she had gotten stuck in traffic after a ‘quick stop’ at McDonald’s for fries, which had turned into a long wait in the drive through and…. Tara cut her off right in the middle of her rather elaborate but familiar sounding excuse.

“Okay, Casey, never-mind how you wound up late.” Tara said, almost commanding.

Casey felt shocked, though she didn’t know why yet. Something seemed different. Tara had never stopped her like that, and not listened to the whole story. She didn’t have much time to figure it out though, before Tara asked:

“What did you tell me I could do last time, if you ever made me late again?”

“Oh, Fuck.” Were the first words to escape Casey’s full pink lips, giving away too quickly the fact that she remembered quite clearly.

Casey remembered joking with Tara about spanking her because she had found herself fantasizing about it under the covers late at night. Time somehow went into freeze frame for her, at that moment. She heard a memory of her Grandfather’s voice from the back of her head, saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Tara jumped off the beanbag chair sending her shoulder-length brown hair flying about her face, brush in hand. Casey winced and closed her eyes, stammering:

“Oh, hon…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean….come-on…you don’t have to…wouldn’t….can’t be serious…I mean…..” she said, expressing herself with embarrassingly little coherence. Before she knew it, her best friend was dragging her towards the bottom bunk bed, and somehow she had fallen across her lap.
The rest was a blur.

Tara flipped Casey’s suggestively short lavender skirt up, exposing the ivory satin panties beneath. Suddenly her fleshy round bottom felt the sting of the first impact, and she nearly jumped in the air as she let out an audible “ouch!” She didn’t get far, though, because Tara had somehow managed to get both wrists in one hand and had flipped a leg across both of Casey’s. Half a dozen crisp smacks rained quickly down before Tara paused, stating, “This will never do.”

Suddenly Casey felt her panties being whisked down, and her face went hotter then her backside. “Nooo….Tara…pleeeease….” she whined, and it was apparent to her that the whining was to no avail as she felt the cool wood resting upon her left cheek.

“Settle down.” Tara told her, flatly.

Casey surprised herself then, as she found herself going absolutely still, almost automatically. Her body remembered a ritual she had not followed since she was eight and had gotten caught stealing a candy bar from the party store by her house. She drew her breath quickly and held it, exhaling as another set of hard smacks landed on her reddening ass. It stung like mad! There was no discernible pattern! “Owwwwch! I’m sorreeeee!” she heard herself wail, almost as though she had not spoken the words.

“Fifteen- sixteen- seventeen” she heard Tara counting out loud. Why was she counting, she wondered, but couldn’t quite concentrate.

“Eighteen- nineteen- twenty-twenty one” they droned on, Casey jumping and squirming, trying not to kick her long tan legs in the air. This was just too embarrassing! “Owwch!” she heard herself squeak again.

Then they were in the thirties, and she could feel a tight hotness happening on the other side of the angry stinging. Moisture…. She felt…. Wet. The whole thing started to become incredibly surreal and dreamlike.

“Thirty-six-thirty-seven-thirty-eight”, her friend’s words seemed to run together, like some strange chant. Flashes of increasing hotness flared on her tender backside. A strange sensual pleasure flooded her, but only for a moment, before she felt herself heaving and near to tears.

Tara started to ask questions, punctuated by more spanking, harder, and harder still until she got the answers she was looking for. Casey’s answers echoed in her head as they were spoken, etching themselves on her memory.

“It’s rude to be late and leave people waiting.”

“I’ll wear a watch and pay attention to it.”

“You’re right, it’s immature to do this repeatedly”

“Okay, so I did deserve a spanking”

“Yes, I promise, I’ll remember this next time…”

“Sixty.” Tara said, letting her hairbrush fall out of her hand and tumble to the floor. She gently kissed the top of her tearful friends hair, whispering, “Do you know how I picked that number?”

Casey caught her breath and said, “Yes. Because you wanted to make sure I never want to be an hour late again!” She got up slowly and unsteadily, fixing her cloths and rubbing her hand quickly across her backside before jumping up and down squealing:

“Owwww….that hurt!”

“Yeah, but you probably liked it!” Tara replied, both young women laughing together again.

* * *


Several collections are being put together now. "The Best of Victoria Fox #2- F/f spanking stories" will be available soon, a full length book featuring all F/f spanking stories like the free stories shared on this page.

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