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    My First Spanking
    by Victoria Fox , from the new "THE BEST OF VICTORIA FOX #1"

    M/f spanking, BDSM fantasies, first experiences, consensual non-consent, OTK spanking, intended for mature readers who are of legal age to read erotica and enjoy adult material.

         The first time Robert spanked me I was still a teenage girl, just barely out on my own. He was a good friend of mine, who I had looked up to for years. He was an incredibly beautiful college boy, just a few years older than me. When you’re that young though, a 22 year old can seem worldly. He was an incredible writer and musician, he had traveled and done some acting, and he knew how to be a good friend. I guess I might say he was the older brother I never realized I had until I met him.

         In his family he had to be pretty mature at a young age. His dad passed away when he was too young to remember, and his mom had to work a lot to rake care of the family. There were younger brothers and sisters, which he was responsible for looking after as soon as he was old enough.

         We bonded on a lot of things. And I had a schoolgirl crush on him that made me almost weak at the knees sometimes. I wanted him to like and respect me, to see me as beautiful, to please him, and to somehow make him proud.

         Pride wasn’t exactly what I was going for that Saturday afternoon. or at least, if it was, I found myself stripped of it in a way I simultaneously wanted and hated. He actually spanked me! Hard. It stunned me, and made my brain do summer salts that turned into cart-wheels.

         I had moved out of my folks house and was living with several college aged friends who were all a few years older than me. As the youngest, they regularly liked to impart their wisdom in a variety of ways. Sometimes that meant taking me out and introducing me to the grown-up world, which I adored. Sometimes it meant they’d lecture me on all mannor of things they thought I needed to become more responsible about. This was one such occasion.

         I hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. I had sugar-crashed, and was a little out of my head. I don’t remember if I was trying to diet, or if I just sort-of forgot with the all my social business. I was in the middle of trying to be all cosmopolitan and make out with a girl to satisfy my curiosity about what that would be like. Robert was there and saw me kissing her, and I could tell he found it hot, so I wanted to keep kissing her. I momentarily got up of the couch to get us all some soda, had a dizzy head-rush and sat back down. It didn’t occur to me why.

         Robert looked at me funny and asked when I had eaten last. He was concerned. I told him that I didn’t remember and he asked me if I had dinner the night before. I didn’t think so. I also didn’t remember lunch. I was more concerned with going back to kissing the pretty girl I had over and watching him get hot and bothered. It was fun to play with my new found sexual power.

         I told him I was fine, and got back up to go get the drinks. He gave me a hard look and told me I needed to eat. Halfway to the kitchen I looked back and told him I didn’t feel hungry and didn’t want to eat right now. Then he told me he didn’t care if I felt hungry, he knew my body was hungry. He was insistent.

         That made me feel like a scolded kid, and every 18 year old will tell you that they’re not a little kid anymore. I put on my casual sophisticate face and told him I’d eat later. That wasn’t good enough and he scolded me once more. Then I got defiant, snotty. Even now, writing this, it makes me gulp. I told him that I wasn’t a child and I could take care of myself. He told me that I was acting like one and wasn’t taking good care of myself by not eating. I actually said “What are you going to do, spank me?” and shot him an I-dare-you-look.

         Some people should not be dared, not unless you want them to follow through. I did want him to follow through, but I wasn’t expecting it. I was just being bratty and thought I could get away with it. Also, secretly I wanted him to do it. That was the first time the little professor in my mind stepped back and watched. I knew that I had been having fantasies about being spanked and that they turned me on. I also felt embarrassed about those thoughts, and was afraid that people would think I was a freak if they knew. I wasn’t sure how, but the request had slipped out my mouth.

         He moved fast. Faster than I thought possible. “Huh?” I said in shock as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to the couch. I struggled against him, but he was too strong. Suddenly I felt helpless as he flipped me around and sat down with me pinned somehow, across his lap.

         I realized in a split second the temerity of my situation. Instantly he had the edge of my cute little black skirt in his hands and was yanking it up. I pleaded with single word sentences gulped out in one breath- ‘Wait. But. Noooo. Please’ One more yank and my green satin panties were at my knees. Both Pascal and the pretty girl I had been kissing could see my butt. My protests were obviously not working. I felt exposed and was suddenly scared. My little girlfriend giggled and encouraged him. She thought I needed a spanking, too.

         The first smack landed and I yelped. He had big hands and I had as pert round little bottom, his hand must have covered most of my left cheek. I was mortified. It left a hot spot that my mid didn’t quite have time to process before another smack landed just as hard on the other side. I wriggled, but couldn’t get away. It hurt more than it did in my fantasies, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was. Another six swats fell back and forth, and my bottom was starting to feel really hot and stingy. I thought to myself ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to die’ as the spanking continued, even though I knew my friend wouldn’t really harm me.

         He was only using his hand. I had been imagining getting spanked with things- like a hairbrush or a belt. It shocked me to realize that as he continued to spank me, and I felt like I couldn’t ‘t handle it- and even more surprised that it didn’t seem to matter weather or not I thought I could handle it- I was getting the spanking anyway. Among other things he told me I deserved it- that he knew what to do with a bratty little girl. Apparently he did.

         I tried to settle myself down and take it, even though he was slapping my bare bottom forcefully. I knew that I had asked for it, literally. Just because I didn’t think I’d get called on my snotty little comment didn’t mean that I couldn’t get called on it- or shouldn’t. I knew that. For a moment as he kept smacking me I got very forlorn, realizing that my friend had just been looking out for me and I got snotty without really intending to be disrespectful. I guessed maybe I did deserve it, for a lot of reasons, and felt embarrassed.

         I felt like it would go on forever, or at least that I had no idea how long it would go on. The movement of his hand created the energy of waves of scorching flames. In some distant land my mouth was opening and I heard myself gasp “Owwww… I’m soreeee…” and loose breath. My awareness caught it at the edge of my reality, which was immersed in the hellish feeling of my bottom getting scorched. It stung like mad, and my perception of time seemed to make it feel both faster and longer than it seemed really possible. He landed a few really good swats at the tops of my things, which definitely got my attention and snapped me out of it.

         “OWW!” I wailed more loudly “That hurts!”, from whatever part of my psyche that still thought I could make some kind of demand or command here. That was obviously not going to work.

         He just spanked me harder, and laughed with the most mischievous snicker I could imagine. Glee. I could hear glee in the bellowing laughter. I realized much to my chagrin that he was -enjoying- giving me this spanking. My distress was not making him feel sorry for me, it was making him amused that he was getting his point across very clearly. I felt my face blush as hot as my bottom. He knew me to well, and for the way we were with each other he clearly had the right to do this.

         We had a silent understanding.

         “I was being snotty, I know!” I yelped out, as another few swats fell “I’m so sorry! Really!” I squealed girl-like way that made me feel less than dignified. The position I was in wasn’t exactly dignified. I was a young woman on my own, I could drive a car and hold a job– and I was still getting a bare bottomed spanking like a naughty kid, weather I liked it or not.

         Strangely, I felt a sense of relief in that. I didn’t have to be in charge. Even though it hurt and I really desperately wanted it to stop for at least a minute, this weird sense of security and love washed over me. I wanted to hold onto it, look at it, appreciate the beauty of that feeling.

         I know, what a weird thing to have thought or felt in the middle of becoming increasingly miserable, bit it’s exactly what happened. There were feelings of love all mixed up in the indignity of getting a spanking; the embarrassment and shame of it also making me feel repentant and somehow grateful.
    “I’m so sorry.” I nearly whispered “I’ll be good. I’ll east something. I promise.”

         He laughed again and spanked me about five more times.

         “Are you going to remember this?” He asked.

         “Oh, I’m going to remember, for sure!” I said, breathlessly, my had still pinned to the middle of my back and my bottom still exposed. The cool air on it made the heat of it almost flare more. “Oww. “

         “Hmm.” He said, musing, dragging it out for me. “Fascinating.” He said, and I blushed. I stammered something pleading about being hungry, and then we both laughed, and I felt his wrist release mine. I’m sure I must have jumped up with a quickness to pull up my panties and pull my skirt back down. I probably danced around for half a minute, and rushed to the kitchen to put a burger on and bring them soda’s. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

         He looked at me, eyes glittering and piercing into my psyche. “What did you learn?’ he asked, somehow gently and sternly at the same time.

         I know that I must have given him the correct answers. I don’t remember exactly what I said. I may have tried to be cute first. Say something like “That a spanking hurts!” To try to make him laugh and look for reassurance. He was soft-hearted, if I had, I’m sure he would have sat down and cuddled up with me.

         I would have still been embarrassed wanted evade admitting what just happened and why. That I had pretty much dared him to spank me, and that I had both wanted it and deliberately tried to provoke it would have been something I was afraid to acknowledge. I don’t think he would have forced that out of me, but he would have looked at me in a way that told me we both knew something. It was a real spanking, but there was something intimate about it. That confused me. At the time I was far from any kind of submissive creature, in fact I rebelled against anything that looked like authority which was not to be trusted. Robert however, I trusted. He was very smart, I’m sure he also noticed my reactions and realized that it both turned me on and scared me a little, and immediately had a dramatic effect on my behaviour. I’m sure he used this, and I’m glad he did.

         I don’t mean that we got into a lot of other scenarios like this, though there were a couple of other moments. I mean that he got into my mind in a way that to this day I appreciate. He taught me a lot of things, and imparted to me the idea of a code of ethics upon which to base your choices in life. Yes, on that day he addressed several things with me by spanking me like a recalcitrant child- he deliberately reinforced the idea that good nutrition is an important part of taking care of yourself, and that being snotty was not acceptable. There was more than that, though.

    For instance:

    Not accepting an order or following a rule you now to be good for you is inappropriate.

    Accepting authority blindly may be foolish, but not accepting authority that acts in your best interest is unwise.
    Friends sometimes show their caring by being concerned, and reacting with needless defiance is not an appropriate way to behave.
    I am responsible for my own actions and behaviour.
    I am not always in charge.
    I can be punished.
    If my behaviour is incorrect I should want to understand what I am doing wrong and be taught to do better. 

         When we were hanging out we would talk for hours, and exchange the little details of life, and he reinforced those ideas in so many ways; often stopping in conversation and asking me “What did you learn from this?” I learnt, though I couldn’t have articulated it then, that I love people who have something to teach me and that sometimes getting punished is a useful teaching experience. I haven’t seen him in many years, but to this day when appropriate I ask myself “what have I learned from this?” Without my realizing it, he trained me to do so, and that has been helpful if not always comfortable. It started that day, with him pinning me down and baring my bottom for a spanking.

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    Let the Punishment Fit the Crime 

    AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEW EBOOK "THE BEST OF VICTORIA FOX #1"  100 pages of the best hot spanking stories by Victoria Fox. 

     “No, please!” She blurted out at her boss, who was picking up the chair from her desk and dragging it into his office. Ominously he put it in the middle of the room.

    “Shelly, let’s get this over with so we can go on to something else” He said firmly. “You already agreed, so let’s go into my office and take care of it.”

    She looked like she was about to start crying on the spot, the pert little nineteen year old blond. She was smart and liked people to see her as grown-up, he imagined that the thought of really getting a spanking didn’t make her feel very grown up.

    He had left her to run the bookstore while he was at lunch, and came back in to catch her watching videos of girls getting spanked. There were no customers in the store, and she expected he’d take his usual hour long lunch rather than just hit a fast food place and bring her some snacks. Now he was going to see her cute little bottom turn rosy before him. He couldn’t wait. She looked very nervous, and it amused him.

    There was an old ping pong table in the break room, and he wandered back and grabbed one of the paddles. It had a good grip and a ribbed rubber surface over thick wood. This would do nicely. After all, he had to reprimand her somehow- and this seemed to be a punishment that fit the crime. She was still stammering and hemming and hawing when he said “Now.” and grabbed her by the wrist, briskly walking her into the office. He closed and locked the door behind him.

    Once inside, he told her to pull down her pants........

    Work Before Play

    AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEW EBOOK "THE BEST OF VICTORIA FOX #1"  100 pages of the best hot spanking stories by Victoria Fox.

    ........  There was apparently not going to be a discussion about this one. The sting intensified spreading across both cheeks, and she let out a much quieter but more genuine little moan. The pinstripe slacks she was wearing provided no protection, though just as she thought that she felt his other hand move on her waist tugging at the top of her trousers. She dropped her shoulders and felt her moistening eyes plead, though she was staring up at a spot on the wall and couldn’t make eye contact. She knew better than to argue this anyway.

    Her lythe little hands worked underneath her, scraping between the rough texture of his jeans and her smooth fine linen pants. She found the center and undid the clasps on her waistband, unzipping and undoing them as she leaned up just slightly to pull them down. That he had even started to spank her with them still on indicated just how determined he was to do this right now, but there was no question even to her that it wouldn’t end with her modesty so intact. She whimpered a little, but dared not give any real protest to the way things went. Black panties with little lace edges also got yanked down exposing creamy white skin as the flurry of hard slaps continued........


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     Here's another FREE STORY from "THE BEST OF VICTORIA FOX #1"

    Here's a FREE STORY from the upcoming third volume:

    ~ Skin ~
    From the upcoming Best of Victoria Fox #3- Master and Servant

    The woman had to lay on her stomach to go to sleep that night. Her bottom was throbbing from the switching she'd just received, and she trembled remembering how hard it was. She could feel traces of the fiery lines still stinging across her bottom, and she knew that this was part of her punishment. It was impossible not to think of the terrible switch flailing across her ass and naked upper thighs, over and over again. She could not help but remember the pain, and writhing about disgracefully. It seemed to go on and on, and she had no idea how long it would continue. She certainly knew how she got herself into that position. Laying there she shuddered again, knowing that the door could open again and she could face a second lashing of some kind. She fell asleep, remembering every stroke vividly.....

    “STRIP.” Her Master told her.

    She looked at him pleadingly and saw in his eyes that she wasn't going to get anywhere with it. Even if there were five friends over watching movies. They all know what this house was like, and she knew them well; but Master didn't usually make her undress in front of others.

    She shouldn't have said that saucy thin, she knew better, she just had a moment of wanting to test the rules. That, more so than the comment, was probably why she was about to be stripped and punished in front of their guests. The kids who were over chuckled and cracked a beer, making a toast to “The Man of the house!” she knew it was hopeless, and so she took my cloths off and stood naked in the living room.

    It didn't take her long to figure out what was going to happen. He went over to a trunk they kept and pulled out a 1960's Canadian school strap- gotta love collectors of odd things. She knew that strap was about to whip her naked flesh. Chills ran through her body, but she tried to act comfortable and obedient rather than further disgrace herself.

    She was told to put her hands on the coffee table. From the way it was positioned she knew her house guests could have a full view of her bottom. He made her spread her legs wider so that her pussy would show more, knowing this would add to the sense of being exposed. She braced herself and the strap landed, slashing a line of fire through the air. She made a little “mmh!” sound against her teeth, knowing he preferred a stoic attitude to the whippings. She was allowed to react naturally, but heaven forbid she made too much a fuss or started acting like it was worse than it was- because that would make it worse exponentially in some undefined way he'd chose on the spot. She had learned that lesson once already!

    So, she braced herself and the strap cracked against her ass again, -hard-. Ten swats seemed to take an hour. The “audience” giggling and whooping it up, encouraging him. He chuckled and told her that he didn't want to offend the guests by not properly punishing me; so he grabbed her wrist and led me to the couch. There he pulled her naked across his lap and produced a hairbrush seemingly out of thin air. Without thinking she yelped “nonononotthat!” in one great long word, but he wasn't having any of it.

    Technically most people think the strap is worse, but she hated hairbrushes. They sting, and can be used to smack with quite rapidly. She knew the one whose hard wooden back was resting coolly on her bottom. It was going to hurt. Especially after the whipping with the strap.

    He started to -really- paddle her with it, hard. She couldn't help but wriggle all over his lap; and it only made him hold her down firmly and spank the young woman harder. The guests were egging him on, and she started to feel the burn rising up. Gritting her teeth, he kept paddling her bare ass right there in front of everyone. 

    She knew better than to be a pushy bottom. It's disrespectful, and annoying. He spanked her until she felt thoroughly chastised, and really did not want to be getting spanked anymore. Finally he let her get up, and had his slave girl serve the guests wine and beer while she was still undressed, so that they could stare at her bright red bottom.

    She did so quietly, and they started the movie finally. She was allowed to kneel at his feet and watch, still naked. When the movie was done he pulled her over his lap again and gave her another spanking with his hand. This one was not so long, he just wanted to wake up the sting. Then he made her apologize to all the guests for behaving rudely and needing to be punished in front of them, and she was allowed to put her dress back on. She'll remember that entire scenario the next time she wants to run her mouth, he thought to himself.

    Later, when the guests were gone, she was sent to her room and ordered to to change for bed. He came in and made her lay over a stack of pillows. He intended to deal with her privately as well, to make sure the lesson really sank in. She whimpered, her ass still sore from the very real spankings she had already gotten that night, but complied. The submissive woman hiked her nightgown up to expose her already reddened bottom. A breeze came in the window and fluttered the curtains, the crisp air feeling alive on her skin. She saw the willow switch in his hand, and knew it was time to really feel it. She was sorry now, sorrier than she had been before. He knew that, but he would punish her anyway. He had already spanked her pretty hard, but he wouldn't have wanted to seem cruel beyond measure to the guests and felt she had more real punishment coming.

    In reality, she had a very high pain threshold, and he knew she was not mindlessly past her edge when he had beat her ass earlier, simply humiliated to be punished in front of the guests. Now he was going to really thrash her, harder than he would have wanted them to see. He would do this without sympathy, and she would thank him for it genuinely. This was what she wanted, secretly. While this was totally consensual and she in some ways liked that she was finally being pushed to my limits, she was scared. It took a lot to make her feel really scared of a whipping, but this time he could see it in her eyes; and also a kind of pleading, begging him to take her there.

    He whipped her with the willow switch hard. She found herself screaming into the pillow in front of her and having to bite down on them. The girl yeowled again as the switch continued to descend, lashing her naked bottom again and again with abandon. She cried hard, for real. The thrashing continued as she sobbed and promised she would be more respectful. Finally the switch broke and he rubbed first aid crème across her upbraided skin. She thanked him and turned her face up, kissing him deeply.

    He turned her over and pushed her down, going down on her suddenly. He lips were almost forceful, his tongue swirling around her wet clit. Her hips were bucking and she was almost about to come when he yanked her up and pulled her across his lap again. Then he spanked the girl's bare bottom with his hand for ten minutes, in a torrent of slaps that had her wailing and moaning. She almost came from the spanking and how intense all the combined energy was, but sort of rode on the edge of it as she got her bare bottom spanked some more. Then he put her back over the stack of pillows and she heard the cane swish through the air.

    “”12” he said, and she knew to count the strokes as she had been trained. They criss-crossed against her striped backside, and she could barely focus on choking the numbers out. He landed twelve good solid strokes, set the cane on her desk, and told his slave to go to sleep.

    Being a pushy bottom may get you in more trouble than you bargained for- and if you wind up getting what you asked for, you just have to try to take it gracefully and learn something, which is what she remembered every time she sat down that week.




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